Chasing the Invisible:
And so began our secret Life. We were now part of a hidden world.

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By 1950, the first critical mission of the CIA communication and codebreaking unit commenced and we – meaning not only Dad, but Mom and my brother Buzz and I – were part of it. All of us were off to the island of Cyprus to live in Nicosia so Dad and his group could work out of the Royal Air Force (RAF) base on communication intercepts from the U2 spy plane overflights of Russia. And so began our hidden life. We were now part of a secret world, working for what my parents always called “the outfit.”

Mom simply did what she needed to do to protect her children.

The attack came in December of 1954. Mom was driving Buzz and me to a rehearsal for the church Christmas pageant and, as we turned the corner in Metais square, we encountered an angry mob headed to burn the British library.

On sight of our British Mayflower, they surged toward us like a swarm of killer bees. As they surrounded us, Mom yelled, “hit the floor!” as she hit the accelerator.