Tucson Festival of Books

Dr. Grogan is a featured speaker for this year’s Tucson Festival of Books – a literary event that draws over 135,000 visitors. The Festivals’ mission is to improve literacy rates among children and adults in Southern Arizona. The Festival has donated $1.64 million to agencies that improve literacy in the community including Reading Seed, Literacy Connects, and University of Arizona Literacy outreach. The festival also fuels the local economy and celebrates cultural diversity.

In addition to dynamic experiences including local cuisine, poetry programs, and a literary circus, this year’s panel of emerging and best-selling authors will include Thomas Grogan, MD, a local legend who founded a company to fight cancer through highly sophisticated testing that helps identify patients for powerful personalized therapies. Tom, a doctor, inventor, world traveler and healthcare hero will introduce his new book, Chasing the Invisible – my life as a medical explorer, and reveal the secrets
that made him an extraordinary success.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to meet Tom and find out why everyone should read this book.

Chasing the Invisible

Chasing the Invisible combines the suspense of a spy novel with the education and scientific insight of a medical mystery thriller, all wrapped in a dramatic business story. In addition ...
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